The Hispanic Heritage Society is a non-profit organization whose mission is to enhance and promote the richness and diversity of the Hispanic heritage trough education and quality entertainment through our annual program of events (all events are introduced in English and Spanish and are open to all audiences).

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Unique Opportunity:

No other organization in South Texas offers these traditional performances each year. Other organizations sponsor and train dancers and mariachi groups, but they limit their instruction to Mexican and Flamenco traditions. The Hispanic Heritage Society teaches a broader repertoire of artistic expression and history of Hispanic countries.


Diversity and Outreach:

The Society realizes its mission by offering free training and free or low-cost performances to all segments of the community.  Membership is open to any and all people of all races and ethnicities who are interested in learning the Spanish language and the traditions of Hispanic music through participation in the group and its activities. The group forms the foundation for the annual program of 4 events which are presented in different parts of the City. With these programs the Hispanic Heritage Society realizes its mission of establishing contact with and involving the larger community.  The programs are presented in English and Spanish, and the information is printed in English.  In addition, outreach is achieved through free programs presented at area schools and hospitals, nursing homes, Military Bases and other community entities. 

Through presentations, we seek as well to increase self-esteem by educating and presenting to members of the Hispanic community information and opportunities to identify with and assimilate positive values associated with the Hispanic culture. 

Also, because of these programs, jobs become available to musicians, technicians, and artistic groups. In addition, there is inter-group collaboration, as this becomes a forum where other artistic and performing groups join us in the various events. Since the year 2003, during the celebration of the Hispanic month in October, we have invited other types of artists as well, such as artisans, painters who display their work in the lobbies of the theaters where the group performs.