Musical Review in Two Acts, Joy, Tradition, Nostalgia, Great Singers and Colorful Costumes

Saturday March 23 at 7 p.m.


Auditorium. 600 Plaza Way, 78205

           Free Admission             Complimentary Glass of wine and Refreshments

For reserved seating area in advance: Donation $ 15.00

Also at Medlar’s Jewelry 7115 Blanco Road, Suite 101

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Call: HHS Tel: (210) 822-3247  On Line:

Featuring: Artistic Group VOCES DE SAN ANTONIO

Artistic Director    CRISTINA ORTEGA

Principal Soloists: Michelle Galindo, Aldo

Guest Artist: Marietta, Johann Idsellis

Young Voices: Itzel Schuessler, Karyme Zúñiga, Tlali Engrav

Dancers: Arlene Salazar and Diego Martínez

Musical Production: JORGE INFANTE

So often we turn to History or Art books to obtain information about others cultures and how they lived, and we seldom think of referring to a songbook. Yet every culture expresses itself in its music, from popular folk songs to romantic and formal types of vocal and instrumental music.

Even so, songbooks are mute and give us only words. We must blend words to sounds and then recreate in our minds the feelings and moods intended by the original composers, poets, arrangers and instrumentalists and people distant of us in time and space. This is one life’s greatest pleasures.Type your paragraph here.